Fibroid Cure Without Surgery

850+ patients treated at Jaslok, US FDA approved
Non surgical treatment for fibroids, adenomyosis.
No pain, No scar in a session of 3 hours.
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  • MRgFUS MRgFUS has its application in liver
    Cancer, Clinical cancer and Breast Cancer
  • UTERINE Fibroid
    & MRI guide HIFU

About Us

We are proud to announce that we are equipped with MRgFUS (MR guided Focused Ultrasound) and are among the few centers in the world that can do fibroid in uterus treatment without surgery with this path-breaking technology and have successfully treated more than 400 patients with fibroids. Surgical options for fibroid treatment are unsatisfactory because:

  • usually involve invasive surgical procedures
  • include hysterectomies which involve a hospital stay of 3-8 days
  • have a long recovery time
  • have significant side effects
  • have a significant health service cost
  • create disabilities
  • cause absenteeism from work
  • reduce productivity at work

  • In contrast to the treatment most women are now offered, ExAblate that is offered in very few hospitals in the world:

  • Completely non-invasive
  • avoids the need for an anaesthetic
  • can be done without an overnight stay in hospital
  • has a short recovery time of 1-2 days
  • spares the uterus and is compatible with further pregnancies
  • allows a much faster return to normal activities
  • has been shown to be preferred by patients to hysterectomy
  • Suitable for patients who desire future pregnancy
  • is as effective as current alternatives
  • has fewer adverse effects than current alternatives.

  • This amalgamation of latest technologies and world renowned consultants make Jaslok hospital a center of radiological excellence.
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