Fibroid Cure Without Surgery

850+ patients treated at Jaslok, US FDA approved
Non surgical treatment for fibroids, adenomyosis.
No pain, No scar in a session of 3 hours.
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  • MRgFUS MRgFUS has its application in liver
    Cancer, Clinical cancer and Breast Cancer
  • UTERINE Fibroid
    & MRI guide HIFU


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a test that uses a magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy to make pictures of organs and structures inside the body. If the patient is clinically eligible and interested in MRgFUS, she is referred for a screening MRI scan. Screening is performed in the prone position to flatten the abdomen (on a 1 cm gel pad similar to that used for treatment) and to allow the pelvic structures to fall into the position they would be in during a potential treatment. Imaging consists of several sequences. To identify anatomical structures within the pelvis, T2-weighted fast spin echo images in axial, sagittal and coronal orientations are acquired. To evaluate the presence of hemorrhagic or fatty tissues, T1-weighted fast spoiled gradient echo (FSPGR) images are acquired in the sagittal orientation followed by T1-weighted fat suppressed FSPGR images post gadolinium injection in order to evaluate the hemodynamic characteristics of the fibroids and to assess their potential viability.


The Magnetom Tim (total imaging matrix technology) Trio by Siemens is a high resolution 3T imaging system. It gives extraordinary image quality, excellent workflow, and whole body imaging functionality. It targets clinical applications such as abdominal, cardiac, spine, whole body and orthopedics. It can be used for studies ranging from demanding clinical routine up to the most advanced research. The integrated Tim (Total imaging matrix) technology provides unprecedented flexibility, accuracy, and speed, and is capable of reducing scan times by up to 50%. Besides this the MRI department of Jaslok Hospital has a comprehensive anesthetic setup that allows us to perform number of pediatric and otherwise unfit patients.

This machine provides state of the art neurological assessment with shorter scan times, superior resolution of contrast and non-contrast angiographies, high end neurological applications like DTI, spectroscopy and MR perfusion which helps in treatment planning, newer sequences like SWI differentiating between hemorrhage and calcification and excellent visualization of fine structures such as cranial nerves, inner ear, etc.

Unmatched body imaging with dynamic post contrast imaging for precise characterization of liver, kidney, adrenals, and uterine tumors. MRCP allowing imaging of biliary and pancreatic ductal system.

Excellent musculoskeletal imaging of knee, ankle, hip, shoulder, elbow and wrist with avant-garde tools like cartilage assessment, MRI arthrography and kinematic knee studies.

Special Breast coils are available to perform plain and contrast MRI scans of the breast in characterising lesions and distinguishing benign from malignant.

Advanced cardiac imaging allows comprehensive exams covering morphology, function, dynamic imaging, tissue characterization, coronary imaging, plaque characterization and more

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